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5 Benefits Of Working At A Marketing Agency

If you are a marketer, chances are that the thought of working for an agency has never crossed your mind. The benefits can be appealing. Marketing agency jobs are usually more plentiful than client-side marketing positions and the remuneration offered can make such opportunities incredibly attractive.

A career in marketing often includes working for an agency at least once. However, some people are better suited to agency life than others. Here are five top benefits of working at a marketing agency:

1. Working on Different Accounts Helps Keep It Interesting

It could be true that some individuals simply never get tired of their industry, whether it is electronics, travel, or even fashion. The vast majority of people, however, seem to prefer a variety of some sort.

If you work at a marketing agency, you will usually be working for several different companies and brands across different industries and teams. You will always have opportunities to learn about new businesses.

2. Immersion Will Keep You at the Forefront of the Marketing Industry

One of the most common fears that marketers usually have after leaving a marketing agency is losing their skills, or rather that their skills will be rendered obsolete. When you are working at an agency, you will be surrounded by marketers. Your marketing knowledge will consequently increase via osmosis.

You will often have managers that invest in your development, competition among peers that fuels innovation, along the encouragement of shared learning. Moreover, you can always ask the person who’s next to you for assistance whenever you don’t understand something. If you are looking for a top marketing agency I would recommend you see ‘Stop Gap‘.

3. You Are the Product

Product innovation and development are often considered the most important functions within businesses. Think engineers that design vehicles at car manufacturing companies or scientists responsible for developing medications at pharmaceutical companies.

Marketing is often viewed as a support function within these companies. When you work at a marketing agency, however, you are the product and this makes you valuable, particularly if you can create innovative solutions that elevate the entire agency.

4. The Work Hard, Play Hard Mentality Is Prevalent

Marketing agencies usually have fast-paced office environments. The development and management of marketing campaigns for one client after another are about as close to an assembly line as you can ever get. It isn’t uncommon for employees and many agencies to work late or even through lunch.

Seasonality is another factor that can impact business since many clients operate with the same fiscal year and planning is done during the same period. Moreover, the year-end push typically coincides with multiple accounts.

Agency employees may require a lot of steam to do their jobs properly. That being said, marketing agencies also know how to blow off steam since high-spirited team-building activities are commonplace at many of them.

5. Co-Workers Could Be Contacts Throughout Your Career

When working at a marketing agency, most of your co-workers will usually have similar job functions. One great thing about this arrangement is that there are more reasons for you to keep in touch with co-workers or work with them again in some capacity.

Marketing is far from the largest industry. Former co-workers may end up becoming your vendors, clients, or even co-workers at different agencies, and many of them will most likely remain business colleagues for a long time to come.

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