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5 things to teach your elderly parents that make their life easier

The young ones are tech-savvy. They know how to make their lives smooth and easy using technology. They know how to use phones and the internet to do most of their important stuff like paying bills and doing recharges. However, the problems arise for the older ones, for their parents because they barely know how to use mobile phones efficiently.

The only thing they know about the phones is calling and texting. Apart from this, they don’t know anything about phones. So, here are a few things you can teach your parents to make their life easy when you are not around them. These are a few things they can do using their phones without relying on someone else.

  1. Teach them how to use apps and websites such as Airtel Payments Bank, PayTm, Mobikwik, etc. to pay their electricity and water bills. Show them the simple steps they have to follow when they need to pay a water bill online or electricity bill online. Tell them how time-saving the process is.
  2. You can guide your parents to pay their landline and post-paid bills online. You can show them how easy it is to do their pre-paid recharges without the need to go to a local retailer from time to time. The steps of the process on online platforms are so stress-free that they’ll memorize it instantly.
  3. Your parents will also quickly learn to use mobile and internet banking for their bills and recharges. The interface of these banking options is so simple that it will take them just a few minutes to understand everything. Once they start using it, they are not going to need you for such stuff.
  4. You can also guide them to pay their water and electricity bills through the official websites of their board. They just need to open the site and fill the required information to make the payments. Paying bills through their sites is also a hassle-free option. Everything is mentioned on their sites, which will make things easy for your parents.
  5. The last thing you can teach them is to use the UPI app. It is also one of the easiest options that your parents can use to pay their utility bills and do their recharges. There is nothing that they will not be able to understand this app. It is made simple to be used by everyone. Just follow the steps and your work will be done.

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All these options are so useful and simple to understand that even your grandparents will learn how to use them. Paying bills and doing recharges with these options is so effortless and time saving that your parents will thank you for making them aware of these. Just show them the process for once and they will become a pro after doing it a few times.

You just need to be assured about the apps and websites they are going to use. They should be reliable and popular to avoid fraud and mishappening.

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