5 tourist destinations in Raja Ampat that will make you amazed

For the fans of snorkeling activities, Raja Ampat is paradise. The beauty of its underwater nature is amazing even the whole world recognizes it. It’s true if many people want to be a witness to the beauty. To surround the island of Raja Ampat you can rent a boat. Renting a boat in Raja Ampat is quite easy you can rent it at

Be interested in seeing and exploring the enchanting tourist destinations in Raja Ampat, see the places you must visit.

Wayag Island

This is the first special island belonging to Raja Ampat Regency which is regarded as the world paradise. Here we can see a cluster of islands linked with green color with the clear blue sea. Beautiful. Even because of its beauty, Pulau Wayag became the icon of Raja Ampat.

Not only has extraordinary natural beauty, but the island of Wayag also has the charm of beautiful underwater beauty. It has even been named as one of the top 10 dive spots in Indonesia.

For tourists who want to stay here, no need to worry there are some resorts and places to rent that can be rented.

Pianemo Islands

Many people say the Pianemo archipelago is Wayag Island. This is not the case because the scenery on the island is very similar to the island of Wayag. But the difference is tourists have to fight up to the small island to be able to see the beauty of this archipelago.

The island located in the West Waigeo district is already accessible when the morning arrives because there are already many speedboats in Waisai at 06.00 local time. It doesn’t take long, we’ll get to Pianemo. Here we can see the Green Island cluster on the blue of the seawater.

Misool Island

Misool Island is one of the four major islands in the Raja Ampat Islands. Misool itself is divided into four parts namely, East Misool, South Misool, West Misool, and North Misool.

This Raja Ampat tourism also includes a triangular world reef area. So it is not surprising if here many fishes are so beautiful and crowded by tourists who hunt for the seafloor view. Moreover, the southern part of Misool is the sea that has large marine fauna such as dolphins, whales and manta rays.

The places not to be missed in Misool are the famous Harfat peak with very beautiful scenery. Not far from The top of Harfat also there is a pretty beautiful place called Puncak Love here we can see the lagoon-shaped day from the top of its peak.

Salawati Island

Salawati Island is the largest island in Raja Ampat Regency. With its white sand, the island is much in demand by tourists. Moreover, here is where the rainbow fish that rarely exist in the world adds to the island’s privileges.

Also, people have strong customs. Wor dances are one of the dances that have always been one of the greeter dances that come here. Tourists will be at home with the friendly community during this Raja Ampat tourist spot.

Diving in Kri Island

If asked the most perfect dive site in Raja Ampat then we will answer one of them is Kri Island. Here, tourists can find 374 species of fish in one dive. Here many Barracuda, jacks, batfish, and snappers coexist with small fish, shark, grouper, to the turtle. The direction is not so strong and the grounds are very beautiful.

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