Ceramic floor function made rough

In this article, I would like to explain about the use of ceramic floor design that has a rough texture.

Basically, a place that uses ceramic floor design of rough surface is the place where the location is used to move quickly, so with the texture of the floor surface is rougher, it will reduce the risk of people who Moving fast on it slips or falls, even increase the speed of the person moving on it.

Examples of locations that apply ceramic floor designs like this are the bathroom. The bathroom is very suitable if using the floor of ceramic because the bathroom is a very slippery area due to the puddle of water, or soap foam. Therefore, the bathroom floor tiles must be made with rough floor design, so that when you enter the bathroom does not drop.

So, the rougher the floor surfaces, the friction between the legs or footwear with the surface of the floor will be even greater, the impact of the person walking or running on it becomes more stable without having to fear slip or fall.

Actually, due to the use of rough ceramic floors will also affect the level of beauty, this is because usually for a rough textured floor has a pattern that is not very good, even the friendliness is not too shiny, the design hospitality itself is very limited, that is, on the rough design of the surface alone, and sometimes the difference only lies in the basic colors, most of the rest is the same.

Unlike the more slippery floors, they usually have very varied colors, and with different patterns, so if the game is made of a floor, then the result can be very beautiful.

But my advice, that in choosing a ceramic should not only look at its beauty but also consider the problem of its function, because the security of people who cross over it is also an important thing.

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