Top Employment Cities of the Pacific Northwest

If you are planning a move to the Pacific Northwest but haven’t yet decided on a specific city, you may want to consider which cities have the best employment opportunities. Choosing a city based on where you are able to find a good job will allow you to have a smooth transition, so completing your job search beforehand will help a lot.

Look into several cities well-known for employment, and you will have your choice of cities where you can find a good job with stable income. If you know you have a good job and salary, you will have an easier time settling in, finding an apartment or house, and choosing where to stay based on commute times. Luckily, there are several good cities for employment in the Pacific Northwest, including:   

Seattle, Washington

Probably the best known city in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is also a top city for employment in the region. Seattle offers a great diversity of employment including older companies, as well as modern, technology-driven companies. You have probably heard of many of the top employers in Seattle.

Those companies that are the largest in Seattle and provide the most employment opportunities include Amazon, Starbucks, and Nordstrom, which are all headquartered in the city. So If you have dreamed of working for any of those companies or have expertise in their fields, add Seattle to your list of possible choices for a new city.

Portland, Oregon

Another large and well-known city in the Pacific Northwest, Portland is also another top city for employment. Due to the large number of technology employers coming to the area, Portland has become known as the “Silicon Forest,” and in fact, the largest employer in Portland is technology company, Intel.

Portland is also known as a home base for many athletic and outdoor companies that serve as top employers. Some of these companies headquartered in Portland include Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Adidas, and Keen. Under Armour also has local offices in Portland.If you love working for athletic or technology companies, Portland may be your city, and you should keep an eye on Portland houses for sale.

Boise, Idaho

While you may not have immediately thought of Boise when you thought of the Pacific Northwest, it is located there and does have some great employment opportunities as the capital of Idaho. Two of the top three employers in the area are health systems: St. Luke’s Health System and Saint Alphonsus Health System. Technology also seems to be an employment theme in the Pacific Northwest, and Boise is no exception. Another top employer in the city is Micron Technology.

There are also other companies in Boise offering employment opportunities, including Albertsons, Walmart, and HP Inc.

With so many great options for cities and such diverse employment opportunities, the Pacific Northwest is a great place to make your new home. From Seattle to Portland to Boise and from technology employers to healthcare to outdoor companies, there is a city and a job for everyone in the Pacific Northwest.