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Why You Should Consider Pursuing SEO as a Career

Whether you are just curious about what SEO specialists do on the regular, are a recent grad or want to change your career path, this read contains an array of reasons to be exhilarated about taking a career in search engine optimisation.

1. It is the Largest Traffic Driver

There is no denying that Google is the primary traffic driver for most websites. Yes, there are exceptions, as some companies and businesses have foundations on social media. However, most service providers and retailers rely on search engines in order to appear to their target audience at the right time. This means when you take on SEO as a career, you will become one of the most important cogs in the online marketing field.

2. It is the Broadest Marketing Field

Search engine optimisation, without a shadow of a doubt, is as broad as it gets. There are several major domains within SEO like outreach, insight, content, account management and technical. However, each one of them calls for various skill sets from multimedia to computer science, literacy to numerously, communications to creativity. As such, there’s so much to learn that pursuing SEO as a career is not only interesting and exciting but also challenging and rewarding.

3. There is Always Something to Do

Search engine optimisation can be a job well done, but the job is never done. Getting a website up and having it rank on the first page of Google can be tough and can take years, especially nowadays where the search engine algorithms have become advanced and complex. Even if a website is doing well, there’s always more to be done. This might be in the line of ensuring the site stays aligned with the search engine algorithm changes, increasing the number of keywords to target, driving ranks, building links and performing analysis. Simply put, SEO is an ongoing investment and this future-proofs your career.

4. SEO is as Specialist and Niche as You Want

While search engine optimisation is, indeed, broad, it is big enough for people to specialise in the field they are best suited for. SEO teams, be it agency or in-house will consist of specialist members such as creative writers, technical minds, great communicators, strategic thinkers and analytical types. A web developer can sit next to a digital public relations executive, both working on the same project, but in completely different ways and with varying skills.

5. Involves Problem-Solving

In any career, nothing is more exhilarating than solving a problem. However, to do so, you need to do thorough investigations, do educated guesswork and be an expert. Getting something right and witnessing a change in performance can be extremely rewarding, especially in the land of SEO.

6. Merges with Other Channels

Search engine optimisation silo is not a thing. In such a broad and diverse field, you can expect SEO to build bridges across organisations, PR teams to social media specialists, and commercial strategists, to coders and decision-makers. You might even find yourself working with human resources in order to optimize their job listings. Nowadays, SEO is at the very core of a company.

7. No Qualifications are Required- It’s Accessible to All

Yes, it can be a bonus to have a degree in business, IT management, web development, communications, marketing, etc., but it is not a requirement to get into search engine optimisation. Given how broad the field is, they are literary something for everyone. There is a range of SEO agencies across the UK, and probably one not too far away from your doorstep. It would probably be in your best interest to get in touch with them and see what opportunities they have available.

These are just a few reasons why taking a career in SEO can be exciting.

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