Singapore companies are presently in the phase of XBRL filing and reporting. It’s difficult to ignore the financial advantages, the correctness of the services, and the higher productivity level that comes with XBRL reporting implementation. Many companies continue to embrace the XBRL revolution daily.

Businesses that must provide their data in XBRL format have two options: hire specialized staff members in-house or outsource the entire XBRL filing process.It can take a lot of effort and time to create and file the financial statements in XBRL format. XBRL outsourcing is a business technique that involves hiring an outside party to complete all or part of the work. After an XBRL outsourcing agreement, the XBRL vendor or partner takes over the provided job and all associated responsibilities for the assigned XBRL tasks.

Complying with ACRA’s laws and regulations and their requirements for compliance is vital. As such, it is imperative to consider certain factors when outsourcing XBRL services for your company. Here are the aspects to evaluate:

Your company needs

The first step in choosing a suitable XBRL outsourcing partner is defining the business’s requirements. Among the essential requirements could be:

  • Simple data collection
  • Eliminating the tiresome manual data-entering process
  • Financial forms auto-population and auto-tagging
  • Simple, rapid, last-minute review
  • Submitting a calendar with the deadline for finishing the compliance process
  • Verifying the file’s compliance with ACRA regulations and the XBRL standard
  • Unrestricted and prompt assistance when required.

The XBRL vendor’s offerings and products must meet the organization’s needs. Only when you know your company’s needs will your XBRL vendor search succeed. Consider every factor that could affect the outsourcing project.


It is imperative to verify the XBRL vendor your business chooses has received certifications from Service Organization Control (SOC) for data security and accuracy from XBRL International (XII). It is also advantageous if the XBRL vendor is a member of XBRL associations. Additionally, the perfect XBRL service provider strives to go above and above the regulators’ requirements regarding quality. Before committing to an XBRL vendor, we advise obtaining the most recent quality rating.


The track record of an outsourcing provider is essential to consider. The service provider must possess the required abilities and understanding of the XBRL format and financial statements to create error-free XBRL reports. They must also keep up with changes to the XBRL compliance standard framework to complete the work effectively.

Therefore, when weighing your options, verifying the vendor’s level of industry experience is imperative.Verify that the outsourcing partner you choose has knowledge of your market and has worked in your business. Look for their clientele list, history of completed filings, and years of XBRL industry experience. This will guarantee a flawless market fit and a high-quality service.

Data security

 is one of the most critical issues in the modern business world. When you give confidential client and organizational data to a third party, the appropriate security protocols must be in place. Outsourcing XBRL services to outside vendors necessitates disclosing private and sensitive data, so it is imperative to confirm that the provider has appropriate security protocols.

It is a good idea to ask your potential XBRL vendor about their data security policy. Also, inquire about the management’s honesty and track record. It’s also critical that the business employs the newest security technologies to stop data breaches.

Efficient communication

Inadequate communication between you and your XBRL partner can lead to a significant likelihood of mistakes in the XBRL output. As a result, the service provider needs effective communication lines.Timely communication becomes increasingly crucial since XBRL compliance involves time-based filing.Although speaking with every member directly would be impossible, there should be a good rapport and trust in the group. TheBoardroom XBRL services team recognizes thateffective communication is the secret to a successful outsourcing partnership.

Successful filing history

Selecting an XBRL vendor has several advantages. However, it also suggests that your business depends on the vendor to make important information publicly available. They contribute to the public perception of your business. You don’t want to collaborate with someone who consistently misses deadlines and takes weeks to respond to emails, do you?

Therefore, you should assess whether an XBRL vendor can successfully prepare financial statements on time before placing all of your trust in them. Start by looking at references and testimonials from current clients to find out whether your potential XBRL services partner can handle your ACRA compliance. Select an XBRL partner who provides 100% assurance of finishing the conversion on schedule to avoid paying hefty fines.


Members of both teams should give each other the necessary information that is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge to ensure timely reporting. Older information might occasionally be useless. Thus, conveying precise information clearly and concisely at the appropriate time is important.A trustworthy XBRL outsourcing company will let you know about a project management tool they employ and grant you access so you can keep tabs on the project’s development.

Continuing support

Converting XBRL to another format might be challenging, and you may need continuous support. Select a partner who can assist you with your XBRL compliance reporting and is readily available and provides unparalleled support. Ask if the XBRL support service is part of the deal or if it is extra.

Prioritize the optimal pricing model.

You might locate a partner who adheres to an appropriate one and helps you stay within your budget through outsourcing XBRL services. Given their value, verify if the XBRL vendor’s quoted services are affordable. The company’s projected needs must be satisfied. There should be “NO” surprises regarding the costs, and the terms should be very plain.


You can save more resources and lower the risk of facing severe penalties by outsourcing your XBRL tasks to an expert team. But choosing the right XBRL services vendor is important. You can make a resolute and informed choice if you evaluate the above factors.