4 channels to share your content

Do you love making things and sharing these with the world? The bigger your audience, the more joy you find in making it, especially if you get a lot of positive responses. To reach an audience of a big size, you need to spread your message on as many relevant channels as possible. In this blog we’ll list four of these channels for inspiration.

1. Soundcloud

Do you make music and do you want to reach a young audience with this? Then Soundcloud is the perfect place for you to promote your music on. Soundcloud has made the career of several big artists, such as JuiceWRLD, xxxtentacion and Lil Peep. Although the service is mainly used by hiphop artists and DJs, any music genre is welcome and ready to be played. A perfect place to start from before eventually making the step to Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal.

2. Pinterest

Do you like to craft, then you might struggle to find the perfect platform for this. Although Instagram was designed to share visual content, this audience often isn’t interested in seeing crafting projects. A better place would be Pinterest: people come here to be inspired in any way possible. If they’re searching for incredible craftworks, they’d be more than happy to see your work.

3. Podimo

The newest trend has to be podcasts. It seems like everyone is making them, and if they’re not making them, they’re listening to them. Podcasts can be listened to on a lot of big platforms, but if you want to find the perfect audience, we recommend Podimo. This platform is far more friendly for the creator than Spotify is, making it the perfect platform to upload your podcasts on to.

4. Reddit

Sometimes the best way to promote your work, is by talking about it. Reddit is the perfect place for this. This website can be seen as the biggest forum on the internet, as it has different forums for any given topic. Your art form will certainly be part of it! Before you upload your work, make sure to check if the subreddit is welcoming own creations, but if this is the case, there’s nothing stopping you from uploading your amazing art.

Be safe online

Uploading your work means anyone can view it, but it quite easily also means that anyone can use it, even though you might not want this. To prevent DMCA takedowns from happening, we suggest working with Onsist. These specialists make sure your copyrighted work won’t be stolen or misused, meaning you can share your art where ever you want.