6 Marketing Ideas To Make Your Products Sell More

In business, especially selling products, various marketing ideas are needed to be implemented in order to increase buying interest.

Of course every business needs the right marketing strategy, yes.

So, because of that, Glints summarizes various marketing ideas from Hubspot, Investopedia and Localiq.

Things to note

1. Do branding

The first marketing idea you can do is do branding. Quite a lot of people underestimate the importance of branding.

In fact, branding is one of the factors that makes marketing performance increase.

The reason is, branding indirectly gives an impression to consumers and potential customers.

With strong branding, you can issue a variety of clear marketing strategies going forward.

2. Reinforce the value proposition

The next thing you can do is reinforce your value proposition. You can highlight some of the advantages of your product and why it can be useful for your consumers.

In addition, emphasize why your brand is better than your competitors. What makes you different from them.

With this, it will be easier for you to determine various subsequent marketing strategies.

3. Don’t forget about existing customers

You need to remember that you also have consumers who are already using your product. They are also one of the audiences that you need to consider.

Several studies have shown that it costs 5x more to get a new customer than it is to get an existing customer to make a repeat purchase.

Marketing Idea

After knowing some of the things that need to be considered before you implement marketing ideas, here are some ideas that you can do.

1. Take advantage of social media

Social media is one of the marketing channels that is quite developed and provides significant results.

Therefore, you need to pay special attention to social media.

This is like creating content on a blog or social media that can increase awareness.

Not only that, various social media have advertising features, so you can advertise your product. However, like advertising, of course there are costs incurred.

2. Do a referral program

Another marketing idea you can do is implement a referral program. With this, you can maximize your existing customers to become marketing agents.

This referral method promises prizes or bonuses to consumers who successfully invite other people to become consumers as well.

3. Have a coupon

Coupons are also one of the strategies you can do. You can give discount coupons at certain times, or with purchases after exceeding the minimum limit.

It is undeniable that the existence of coupons is enough to attract the attention of consumers, both those who have become loyal buyers, or potential customers.

4. Do a giveaway

Keep in mind, that marketing also aims to increase awareness of a brand. Therefore, giveaway is a suitable strategy to expand this awareness.

Basically, giveaway is the activity of giving gifts to the audience after doing something like following social media accounts, uploading photos with certain products, and so on.

Each audience also has its own audience. Therefore, giveaway can be an effective marketing strategy.

5. Provide user testimonials

Another marketing idea that you can do is provide user testimonials. You can put it on the various channels that you have, especially websites and social media.

User testimonials are needed to further convince potential customers who plan to buy your product.

6. Don’t forget about traditional marketing

The last thing you can make a marketing idea is to keep maximizing traditional media.

Traditional media such as brochures, pamphlets and billboards.

Not infrequently, creativity emerges that can only be applied to traditional marketing materials.

Therefore, digitization should not make you underestimate the traditional way of marketing.

Of course, getting ideas and determining the right marketing strategy is not easy. and need a long process.