Everything You Need To Know About Choosing Managed VPS Hosting

A virtual private server has recently gained popularity since it offers a dedicated server-like hosting environment at a marginal cost. With increasing competition online, site owners have started looking for powerful and customisable web hosting plans, making VPS Hosting a popular choice. 

In VPS Server Hosting, your website resides on a Virtual Server. The host uses server virtualisation to create multiple Virtual Servers on one physical web server. Each Virtual Server is isolated from others and has dedicated resources and full root access. 

Hence, you can change the hosting environment and install any third-party applications you need. However, this also means that you must be technically skilled to run and manage a Virtual Server. 

Site owners, who are not technically proficient or lack the willingness or time to run server management and administration tasks, tend to opt for Managed VPS Hosting services. 

The host assigns a technical team to their account in these plans to help them with server-related tasks. While these plans are costlier than unmanaged plans, they offer a range of benefits, making them ideal for some site owners. 

This article will offer tips to help you choose the best Managed VPS Server hosting plan for your site. So, let’s get right into them. 

  1. Check the quality of services offered

Since the technical team assigned to your account will need to run various server management and administration tasks on your behalf, they will have to feel as responsible for the website as you. 

Make sure you check the reviews of the Managed VPS plans offered by the host and look for reviews on the quality and efficiency of services provided. 

  1. Look for top-notch security

Whether you use a VPS Server, Shared Server, or Dedicated Server, you cannot compromise the security of the server and site. However, in today’s times, if a website has frequent security lapses, then the users tend to abandon it. 

Also, search engines rank such sites much lower than their peers. When you opt for a VPS Managed Server, the technical team runs various security tasks to protect it from online threats. Make sure you talk to the host to understand the security measures taken to boost the security of the server and website. 

  1. Choose the right Control Panel

While the technical team assigned to your account will take care of all the server management and administration tasks, as a site owner, you can access the server and execute specific tasks directly, which requires a control panel. 

Managed VPS Hosting with cPanel is one of the most popular managed VPS plans, as the site owner gets cPanel as the control panel for server-related tasks.

  1. Ensure round-the-clock support availability

When you opt for a managed plan, a technical team helps you with various server-related tasks. Today’s users expect sites to be up and running around the clock. 

Therefore, ensure that the support team is available 24/7 to help you with any glitches or problems.

Summing Up

A Managed VPS Hosting plan is a powerful option allowing you to utilise the benefits offered by a Virtual Server optimally. 

Before buying a managed VPS plan, ensure that you understand your site’s hosting needs and the features offered by the hosting provider. Also, go through online reviews and assess the quality of services you can expect once you are onboard. Good Luck!