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Farmland Rainwater Harvesting Systems, based in Karnataka, has been at the forefront of rainwater harvesting for more than ten years about rooftop and groundwater recharge through indigenous ground-breaking national and international award-winning technology using dual intensity filters to store and reuse as well as injection V Wire technology to recharge groundwater sources. Both technologies have achieved considerable acceptance in the public and private sectors due to their greater field success rates.

The FLRWHS R&D and Hydraulic Testing Lab, which is equipped with the most cutting-edge and sophisticated machinery and equipment, was established thanks to the persistent efforts of FLRHS CEO Michael Sadananda Baptist. As a result, they could manufacture a series of completely novel filters in both form and function.

Regarding The Technologies

The ground-breaking “V-Wire Injection Well” technique facilitates aquifer storage and recovery in addition to artificial recharge. The method reduces topsoil erosion, avoids seawater intrusion in coastal areas, and lowers hardness and salinity in groundwater sources while aiding in recharge. FLRHS across the nation has carried out almost 5000 identical installations.

The process involves several phases using V-Wire Injection well Technology, which produces water columns and hydraulic pressure by filtering out dirt and debris from rainwater using the proper silt traps and putting injection wells at the right depths.

By demonstrating and instructing people from all walks of life on the ease of adaptability and operation of the company’s eco-friendly rainwater harvesting systems designed through electronic and print media, mobile units, and participation in various exhibitions and trade fairs, FLRHS has invested a significant amount of time, energy, money, and other resources in helping people realize the importance of water conservation.

Awards of FLRWHS

2009 CII National Prize for Excellence in Water Management, given by FLRWHS.

Best Water-Saving Product of the Year.

To “Rainy” filters, the SKOCH Order of Merit has been given.

FLRWHS was recognized as one of India’s Top 100 SMEs in 2018.

The innovation of “Rainy” filters won the 2018 SKOCH AWARD – ACHIEVER Silver.

The SKOCH Achiever Award, 2018, for Silver Category, was awarded by Farmland Rainwater Harvesting Systems (FLRWHS) and presented on March 10 in New Delhi.

2017 National Excellence Award for Aqua Foundations.

The 2017 Aqua Foundations Excellence Award goes to Farmland Rainwater Harvesting Systems (FLRWHS).

The Aqua Foundations Excellence Award for Industrial Excellence in Technological Development in the Field of Rainwater Harvesting was given to “Rainy Filters” in this category.

International Technological Innovation Award.

The unique V-Wire Injection Well technology developed by FLRWH won the 5th JSW Earth Care Global Award Category for Innovation for Climate Protection in 2014, according to The Times of India.

Under Innovation for Climate Protection, Rainy Filters received an award for our FL-V Wire Injection Well Technology. 2014 JSW-The Times of India “Earth Caring Award” publicity in the media.

The Times of India, 2010 Award for JSW Earth Care

For the development of “Rainy Filters” Self Cleaning Auto Flush Out Filters, FLRWHS received the JSW Earth Care Award for Innovation in Climate Protection.

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