Tourism Spots in Danang

Tourism Spots in Danang being the talks in tourism world nowadays. This coastal city on the coast of Vietnam is growing rapidly with the tourism industry. Starting from the mountains, the beaches and various historical relics are worth visited.

There are many tourism attractions in Danang, many tourists want to stay there longer,  don’t worry because there are many Hotel deals Danang like Mercure Danang French Village. This 4-stars hotel, nestled in the scenic mountain range of the Bana Hills – which came to recent world renown since the opening of the famous Golden Bridge in 2018 – delivers the very excellent  service, relaxation, diversion, and natural beauty.

Some of the tourism spots are very well known. The beauty of the scenery also the excitement that there is certainly no doubt anymore. So, what are the tourist attractions? Let’s  explore the following tourim spots of  Danang Vietnam.

Charming Danang Show, Vietnam Original Culture Show

Starting the journey of Da Nang Vietnam, visit an interesting show called Danang Charming Show. This tourist attraction presents an interesting cultural show. The tourists  are guaranteed to be impressed by the talents in this performance.

Danang Charming Show memperlihatkan bagaimana buda yang asli Vietnam dipadukan dengan pertunjukan modern. Pakaian khas serta pencahayaan yang sempurna membuat show ini semakin atraktif. Lihatlah bagaimana para penari tersebut membuat sebuah perpaduan gerakan yang akan membuat anda tersihir. Hiburan yang satu ini harus anda coba saat mengunjungi Danang.

Danang Charming Show shows how Vietnam’s original culture is combined with modern shows. The perfect outfits and the lighting make this show more attractive. See how the dancers make the choreography that will make you amazed. This one should be experienced when visiting Danang.

The Dragon Bridge and the City Lights Fusion in the Peninsula

Its right to say that the đànẵngvietnam is  interesting. A city that grows rapidly becomes the biggest city number 4 in Vietnam. Likewise the rapid growth of the city creates  a beautiful panoramic city. This panorama is very suitable to be enjoyed by the  lovers.

Ba Na Hill, Extraordinary View On the Top of Ba Na Hill

Not far from the city of Danang, Vietnam, there is a destination that offers a long journey with an extraordinary view. The scenery is very charming with fairy tale buildings will be experienced by the tourists .

The view of buildings with European style will e a part of the journey that will not be forgotten. Then there is also a cable car that will take visitors through the long fascinating journey.

HoaPhu Thanh, down the river with beautiful scenery around it

The tourist attractions of Da Nang Vietnam still have a very enchanting natural beauty. This time there is HaPhu Thanh, a river that offers a very exciting rafting adventure. The beautiful scenery around the river will accompany you along a very exciting rafting trip.

HoaPhu Thanh is a 3 km long river that has stable water flow. Going along the flow of the river by being accompanied by lush trees  around it will provide its own freshness. Besides that, to the scenery around it is also very extraordinary. A very beautiful and enchanting view spoils your eyes. The complete equipment will be used to guarantee your security when enjoying this tourism spot.

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